The Box

The 7/8 Musical Collective is proud to present THE BOX – a concept musical with songs reimagined.

A Girl stands on the precipice of change. In front of her is a journey, confined only by Time and Choice. Time remains linear and ever-running out, while Choice presents many different, life-altering paths. How would you navigate her journey, to find for a her a path most meaningful and free?

Inspired by choose-your-own-adventure books of our childhood, THE BOX is a concept musical featuring songs from familiar musicals to reflect different moments of a lifetime. The audience is collectively invited to make choices that determine the path The Girl takes, creating a mosaic of her Life.

An allegory of consequence and personal agency, this performance created by 7/8 Musical Collective explores the elusiveness of choice, and the possibilities presented by one single, diverging moment.

THE BOX will be performed in English by Seong Hui Xuan, directed by Tan Shou Chen, with musical direction by Joanne Ho, video and graphics design by Genevieve Peck, additional footage by Marcus Lim (The Militancy), and sound by Guo Ning Ru.

December 11 & 12, 9.30pm
December 13, 3pm
Tickets at $15 (excluding ticketing fee) from

7/8 Musical Collective is grateful for the following supporters and partners for THE BOX:

National Arts Council
Teater Ekamatra (Venue Sponsor)
The Studio on 3rd Avenue (Video Production Partner)


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