Viral Songs: A Cycle

Viral Songs: A Cycle is an original song cycle written by 3 composers from around the world that explores the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on humanity and its surroundings, from an international perspective. Inspired by how different our “new normal” has become, this song cycle seeks out the more offbeat, quirky and unusual perspectives from which the situation can be viewed. This light-hearted approach on the current situation hopes to provide some much-needed entertainment during these trying times, as well as to remind audiences of the power of humour, empathy and music in connecting us on a deeper level as a human race.

Presenting brand new original compositions from Singapore, London and Canada, this international collaboration by 3 composers from 3 different continents aims to showcase and embrace the similarities and differences of the human experience in different parts of the world. The songs explore how people across the globe experience their versions of the lockdowns and restrictions imposed as a result of the current ongoing pandemic.

Viral Songs: A Cycle is performed in English by 4 performers, featuring original music composed especially for this project. The first iteration of this show was produced and performed in Singapore and presented to audiences on a digital platform from 27 March to 4 April 2021. Eventually, we aim to have productions of this song cycle in all 3 countries, making this a truly international project, originated and developed in Singapore.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused our world to shrink as we are all stuck in our homes and respective countries. And yet at the same time, because of the availability of digital resources and platforms, our reach has grown and audiences are now more receptive to online presentation of new material. Through this unprecedented situation, we have managed to forge out the opportunity to create and curate a work across three continents.

This project is a celebration of the resilience of artists and the human spirit. It showcases our ability to be creative and to respond to the troubling times around us in ways that are personal and unconventional. It celebrates our ability to bond as artists from very different parts of the world and create work despite the circumstances that we all find ourselves in.

This concept was conceived by the 7/8 Musical Collective as a response to the sense of bleakness currently being experienced by many around the world. It is an attempt to find the lighter, more personal, more human perspective to this entire experience – and to express this through the universal language of music.


Created by
Joanne Ho & Seong Hui Xuan

Composed by
Douglas Price, Joanne Ho & Luka Bjelis
(Lyrics for “Super Simple Matter” by Alisha Ruiss)

Director & Choreographer: Seong Hui Xuan
Music Director: Joanne Ho
Director of Photography & Editor: Md Al-Hafiz Hosni (Standstills Movement)

Nadya Zaheer
Natalie Yeap
Seong Hui Xuan
TJ Taylor

Lights: Md Al-Hafiz Hosni
Sound: Dana Sivarajan
Music Arrangers: Douglas Price & Joanne Ho
Production Assistant: Beatrice Jaymes Pung
Behind-the-scenes & Stills photography: Standstills Movement

Supported by
The National Arts Council
SG Culture Anywhere

Venue & Equipment Sponsor

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