Ten Brave Seconds

3-19 September 2021

In February 2021, 7/8 Musical Collective embarked on an exciting collaboration with New York Theatre Barn. To mark the beginning of this international partnership, we launched our New Musicals Series, where we aim to become a place for the incubation of new musical theatre writing both locally and internationally.

To kick off this series, we spent 2 weeks workshopping a new musical titled Ten Brave Seconds by writing team Jeff Talbott & Will Van Dyke. Ten Brave Seconds is a musical about the day that 16-year-old Mike comes out of the closet and the cosmic change that affects his community. Mike is about to find out that it’s on the other side of the telling that all the good stuff sits waiting. This original story is about those tiny brave seconds that make up the gargantuan moments that tell you (and the world) who you are.

We were very excited to be able to create and present the very first workshop staging of this lovely new work-in-progress. A huge thank you to our actors who bravely jumped on board this workshop process with us. And a very special shoutout to Sing’theatre for graciously sponsoring our workshop rehearsal venue.

Creative Team
Director: Bright Ong
Music Director: Joanne Ho
Production Coordinator: Seong Hui Xuan

Produced by 7/8 Musical Collective
Written by Jeff Talbott & Will Van Dyke

TJ Taylor
Joash Zheng
Alexis Elisabeth Chew
Gabrielle Rae Sammy
Preston Lim
Benjamin Chow
Claris Tan
Nadya Zaheer
Ryan Ang
Bryan Tee

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