Mimosa the Musical

14 – 23 January 2022

The musical MIMOSA is about a rambunctious plant and a teenage girl whose improbable friendship saves our world.

Mimosa is a plant with a special gift: she can dance! Mom begs her to stop. What if she’s seen by a human? Then along comes Molly, a lonely teenager. She catches sight of Mimosa dancing and whisks her home, despite her dad’s “no plant” rule. As their friendship buds, Mimosa learns something that could save both their imperiled communities – if only she and Molly could learn to communicate.

Written by Lauren Taslitz and Danny Ursetti, MIMOSA is a family-friendly story of a plant and human who, by rejecting a legacy of despair, and reminding us that all flourishing is mutual, restore their world.

Creative & Production Team
Director: Isabella Chiam
Choreographer: Seong Hui Xuan
Music Director: Joanne Ho
Stage Manager: Cindy Sng
Production Intern: Ai Wen Liew
Props maker: Cindy Sng

Produced by 7/8 Musical Collective
Written by Lauren Taslitz & Danny Ursetti

Alexis Elisabeth Chew
Claris Tan
Candice de Rozario
Darius Tan
Sharon Mah
Kimberly Sim
Natalie Yeap
Medli Loo
Joash Zheng
Edward Choy

Photo credits: Yu Khing Poh

More content coming soon!

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