MTCL 2021

Developmental training lab
August – December 2021

(For main page on the Musical Theatre Choreography Lab click here.)

The Musical Theatre Choreography Lab is a developmental choreography lab for Musical Theatre choreographers – the first of its kind in Singapore – started in 2021 and run by the Singapore-based 7/8 Musical Collective. The Lab aims to create a much-needed space for passionate musical theatre choreographers to hone their craft and refine their practices through being given the freedom to experiment, debate and engage in mutual sharing, brainstorming, creation, and peer-critique and feedback discussions.

Led by 7/8 co-founder and performer-choreographer Seong Hui Xuan, this first edition of MTCL (MTCL2021) aims to help participating choreographers refine their existing practices and discover and develop new and better ways of working and creating. For this edition, we used material from a new musical in development entitled MIMOSA, written by US-based writing team Danny Ursetti & Lauren Taslitz, in an exciting international collaboration made possible by New York Theatre Barn.

Participating choreographers of MTCL2021 worked with the lead choreographer on developing a choreographic and physical language of the world inhabited by the characters of MIMOSA, simultaneously assisting with the creation and development of the show alongside the writers. This Lab culminated in a final workshop showing and discussion which was open to interested creatives in the industry and members of the public. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the showing for this edition was filmed and screened to viewers online – with Part 1 premiering on 30th December 2021, and Part 2 on 14th January 2022.

Lead Choreographer: Seong Hui Xuan
Participating Choreographers: Kimberly Chan & Tan Rui Shan
Lab Co-ordinator: Cindy Sng

Michelle Ler
Charmain Ho
Alex Kong
Md Al-Hafiz Hosni
Shu Yi Ching

Special thanks to:
Our Venue Partner Gateway Theatre for their generous venue support
Our friends at STEP Studio for the use of their space
Chang Fang Chyi for the logo design

Supported by NAC Singapore

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